наши щенки
пшеники пшеники пшеники
Best male (BOB) HAGAHUGENS ASK (Norway)
Best female (BOS) DENDARIC SPARKLER (imp. England)
SCOT and Best junior female FRIZZY MISS WILD

Best puppyis – female JOKYL MUST BE JAZZ and male DENDARIC TRIPLE GOLD.

Winner of champion's class (males) PINTO GOOD DAY SUNSHINE
2-d place in intermedia class (female) SANDALE FROZEN ASSETS
Junior winner (female) FRIZZY MISS WILD
Winner of opem class (females) MIO MIO DOLCHE VITA
Best veteran ANTONELLI
Winner of novice class (females)
Winner of champion class (females) COPPERSTONE RR GUARDIAN ANGEL
2-d place in champion class (female) PINTO SWEET CAROLINE
Winner of opem class (males) LOVERSTORM’S RIGOLETTO
Obidience 3
Obidience 1 - начальный этап
Winner of kennel's competition - kennel «PINTO»
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