наши щенки
пшеники пшеники пшеники

Centreof Melbourne, view from the bridge over the Yarra River Yarra River - biggest river in Victoria This an unique building - a football stadium in Melbourne Once flying saucer landed in Melbourne and it remained there...

This is the entrance to the house of Ann and Ron Sorraghan. It looks like the entrance to the hobbit house in the hill.

Kangaroo are jumping right under the wheels.
Kangaroo are not afraid of cars
Entrance to the kennel of Airedales "Old Iron"

June in Australia - the begining of winter. That's an aloe's bloom.

The Royal Botanic Garden in winter June
Igor finally got a hat "Crocodile Dundee" and became similar to the Australian man
Who can dispense without Airedales at the walking into the bush? I'm with Jennifer Keally and Ron Sorraghan
Amazing views of Victoria
Typical Australian landscape
Relict woods. This is not a palm tree - it is Tree ferns
After the fire two years ago. ALL was burned, but now the bush comes to life.
Wild Dog Dingo. Photo was taken from a distance, closer Dingo not let
Llamas graze right next to the house
The eagle is also a frequent guest
Lyrebird normally concerned with finding worms
Kangaroo is warming under the sun. A dreamer ......
Koalas are very active in winter. Leaves of Eucalyptus are green and Koalas eat them very quickly
Night stalker is sleeping in a hollow of burned tree
Emu fewer African Nandy , but he also has a stern look
Wombats are on the morning jog. What would have for breakfast?
This home of the wombats - a huge hole

The smallest kangaroo. This is a rat kangaro . But they also have a bag on his belly.

Pelicans are not afraid of us. Anne Sorraghan, Susan Keally and I
Irbis is not affraid us . We can even touch irbis if we would like
Parrots in Australia - as crows in Russia. Here is one of them
Tasmanian Devil is not threatening. But what a voice!
Snakes in Australia also have a place. Need be carefully into the bush
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